Event : Koktebel Cup Open — 2019

Office place: mountain Klementeva 1, Crimea (45°00’46.7″N 35°14’38.5″E, Alt: 250 m).

Start place: Klementeva mountain, (45°00’46.7″N 35°14’38.5″E, Alt: 250 m)

Date: 01.09.2019-08.09.2019

Organizers: Paragliding club «Breeze», Feodosia.

The director of competition: Sergey Zhukarin, zhukarin@mail.ru, +7 978 87 43 806

Official site of competition:


pilots list

Quantity of participants: not limited!

Regulations of competition:

— registration, training flights, competition opening

02.09.2019 – 07.09.2019 — competition flights

08.09.2019 — reserve day, competition closing.

Rules: Competition is spent according to:

— Sports Code FAI,

— section 7 of Sports Code FAI, — rules of competition.

Starting payment:

— 60 euros

— 40 euros for free-flyers

participants delivery by chair lift once a day;
paragliders delivery to start;
retrieval transport;
meteo information;
medical maintenance;
district map;
starting breakfast; • T-short;
computer results processing;

Rules of participation:

Competition have Ukrainian and international open rating.

Participants must have:

the passport;
FAI sports licence;
the medical insurance.

The pilots must have GSM phone, 2m radio station, altimetr, GPS with connection cable.

Free pilots (free-flyers) should have certificate IPPI not low class 4, the medical insurance, to be registered and pay a payment for each flight day. They are provided with transport and health services on a level with sportsmen-participants of competition. They have to fly the right only during time and in a place, specified by the head of flights or the main referee during a briefing on start.